Clients call us when they run up against the limits of their internal expertise and capacity. We help them uncover hard-to-find insights on specific markets or clients. We provide individuals with particular skills to supplement teams. We supply fresh thinking to overcome innovation challenges. Whatever the business issue, we use the crowd to solve and implement. Our platform is a comprehensive solution for consultancies, investors, and global enterprises. We go deeper than expert networks, and we are more nimble and cost effective than a traditional advisory firm. No matter what issue or geography, we help you get things done with maximum efficiency, quality, and speed.



Break Down Issue

  • Break issue into small, discrete chunks with clearly-defined expertise requirements
  • Agree on timeline and deliverables

Assemble Team

10EQS Core Team manages resourcing, quality control, compliance, and administration of all projects

Subject Matter Experts offer deep knowledge of specific sectors, functions, geographies, or business challenges

Collaboration Managers bring analytical, communication, and leadership skills to drive and facilitate projects


Execute Work

  • Perform interviews, research, and analysis through virtual collaboration, leveraging the proprietary 10EQS platform
  • Deploy resources onsite only if needed
  • Use quality and compliance specialists to oversee delivery process
  • Manage client communication virtually, using internet-based technologies

Summarize Findings

  • Synthesize results into client-ready product – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or as otherwise agreed


We eliminate potential conflicts of interest or the improper disclosure of information in 4 ways:


Experts are chosen to eliminate conflicts of interest. 10EQS typically engages:

  • Independent consultants who can speak freely about direct and recent experiences in a specific area
  • Former employees who are no longer bound by employment agreements
  • Employees from non-competitive industries who can offer transferable insights

Before speaking with 10EQS, experts are required to sign the 10EQS Terms of Service, confirming:

  • That they will not reveal commercially sensitive information
  • That they will not disclose anything in violation of prior or existing employment agreements
  • That they will treat the content of the expert interview as strictly confidential

10EQS filters the information included in the final deliverable if:

  • Experts have involuntarily disclosed material non-public information
  • 10EQS has concerns that information could reveal the identity of the expert
  • 10EQS believes that the client’s exposure to this information could have legal ramifications

10EQS makes sure that confidentiality and client identity are protected:

  • The client's overall question is disaggregated into individual components and sub-questions
  • 10EQS collaborators are only provided with the client's identity on a “need-to-know” basis
  • 10EQS employees undergo training and have in place agreements related to handling the client's identity


10EQS operates on every continent and has worked with experts and collaborators in almost every country.


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